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Timothy Little lives in Falmouth, Massachusetts and is the only area photographer to shoot exclusively at night.  In 2013, his first book "Cape Cod Nights" was released by Schiffer Books showcasing the Cape and Islands as seen under moonlight and starlight.  Tim's long exposure and astro-landscape photography has been featured in Cape Cod Life, Cape Cod Magazine, The Cape Cod Times, the Falmouth Enterprise,,, Visit Massachusetts and All of New England among others.   He teaches workshops on both Cape Cod and in the Berkshires and offers  private guided night photography tours. 

Artist Statement: "Nearly all of my work is completed at night using moonlight or ambient light to illuminate my subjects. In some cases, I will use a flashlight to “paint” color into the shadows. This technique is known as light painting. As a night photographer, capturing images goes beyond the simple press of a button. Long exposure times allow me to move in and out of the shot unrecorded by the camera to add color when needed or to emphasize  something that would otherwise have gone unnoticed in the dark.

Shooting in the night allows me to immerse myself in a world that many people sleep through. It is a peaceful, meditative retreat from a busy, sunlit existence. Growing up, I had always been fascinated by the mood a starry sky would create or the way the moon's silvery light would cast shadows across a landscape that I was used to seeing in the day. It is this alternate view of places - the feeling of solitude and peace in the night - that I hope to convey to you through my photography."


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If you have an interesting subject you'd like me to shoot at night, let's talk!   

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I am a loner.  I don't have time for meetings because I am out shooting.

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Yes!  You can stay up to date on where I will be showing my work, speaking engagements and workshops.   

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