Cape Cod After Dark - Tim Little

Cape Cod After Dark: A Night Photography Workshop

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August 25th, 2018

Our most popular workshop!

Moonlit vistas await you in this five hour workshop devoted to shooting Cape Cod after dark. Night photographer and author Timothy Little will give you a solid foundation upon which to begin your journey into low light and night photography. Learn to shoot using only the light of the full moon, ambient light or flashlights and see familiar places in new ways. Experience the photography opportunities that Cape Cod offers after the sun sets.

The group will meet at the Four Points Sheraton in Eastham for a discussion and slideshow before heading out to nearby locations on the outer Cape for a moonlit shoot. Limit 10 participants.

We’ll be discussing the following and much more:

-Low ISO long exposures vs high ISO short exposures – when and why?

-Shooting the moon/Shooting away from the moon and determining your aperture.

-Recording movement of light.

-Focusing in the dark.

-Light painting.

-Night photographer safety.

-Relying on your talent, not your computer: Create “organic” photos using your eyes as your  guide, not based on post production expectations.

-White Balance;  capturing the silvery light of the moon, and squashing streetlights.

-Preparing for different night environments: Landscapes, Cities and Fireworks.

-Have fun! I don’t like boring lectures, and you probably don’t either. We’re going to have a fun time, share some laughs and get some great photos. Attendees will receive a choice of a signed copy of Tim’s hardcover book “Cape Cod Nights” or an 8x10 photographic print. Enrollment is $195 and is strictly limited to 10 attendees.

Who Can Take This Workshop?

All though all skill levels are welcome, you must know how to adjust  your camera's manual settings (specifically ISO, aperture, exposure time).   This is not a hardware instruction workshop. It's okay if you don't understand why you are making these adjustments, but you should be able to do so without assistance. If you're not able to make these adjustments during the day, it will be impossible for you to learn how in the dark and you will not get the most out of your time with us. 

You must own:

1) A digital SLR camera that has the ability to change lenses. This camera must have a "bulb" setting and be able to take exposures of several minutes.

2) A wide angle lens, preferably in the 12mm-24mm range (no lenses above 40mm will be permitted for this workshop.)

3) A shutter release cable. This is not the free wireless remote you received with your camera. This is a specialized cable with a locking switch. They are not all that expensive, but they do not typically come with your camera.

4) A sturdy tripod. (This cannot be a cheap, light chainstore tripod or something received free with your camera purchase.   An example of a good tripod is the Slik Pro 700DX or the Benro Adventure 1 Series.)  

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Timothy Little is the only photographer on Cape Cod whose portfolio is exclusive to night photography, offering the largest collection in existence. His unique perspective of the area has made his work some of the most recognized imagery on Cape Cod and throughout New England. Tim's book “Cape Cod Nights” is the first book devoted to Cape Cod as seen after dark and his ebook “Summit Nights” offers never before seen moonlit vistas of the iconic Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts.

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