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Protomachine LED Light Series

If you've seen my light painting work or attended one of my workshops, chances are you've seen the Protomachine LED Flashlight that I use to light up the night!

George Loo, friend and Protomachine creator, has designed a must have tool for light painters.  Whether subtly illuminating a light house or bringing an old gas station to life, the Protomachine will add a new dimension to your low light photography. Gone are the days of carrying multiple flashlights and colored theater gels. The Protomachine can produce a seemingly infinite amount of colors and brightness levels making it useful in every composition.

Along with the current model of Protomachine , theLED 8, George has also released the new Radium light - great for small to medium spaces and flicker free for video applications.

Below are samples of my own work created with the Protomachine LED series flashlight.   To purchase a Protomachine or for more info, visit the official Protomachine website by clicking here.

You can also read my blog review of the Protomachine LED flashlight here.

Protomachine Samples

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